Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about configure price quote software?

If your answer is yes, then this guide is for you. 

In this CPQ eBook, we will show you how to identify your sales challenges, pick the right configure price quote software and the exact steps you need to take to successfully implement a CPQ solution into your business.

If you've tried and failed to implement CPQ software into your team, you're using a CRM for quoting, or you're even doing manual data entry on spreadsheets, this eBook is for you.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • An analysis of the sales challenges that nearly all B2B sales teams are facing.
  • Tips and tricks to getting your sales team working faster and smarter with configure price quote software.
  • How to choose the right solution for your business.
  • What sales directors and managers need to know about successfully implementing CPQ software.

This in-depth, CPQ eBook is written purely with B2B businesses in mind, and based on our deep knowledge of the configure price quote software market. It is perfect for anyone who is looking for a full and comprehensive guide on everything CPQ. Are your sales cycles are long and complex, your ability to up-sell and cross-sell is restricted by your tools, and you’re usually overstretched by admin and paperwork.

The guide will show you exactly how CPQ software will speed up your processes, give you faster, more accurate, and better looking quotes, and ultimately, help you to sell more.

Sales teams that using configure, price, quote tools are among the best in their industry, they consistently grow their revenue and smash their targets. Are you ready to join them?

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What is Configure Price Quote Software?

Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) software can transform the speed and accuracy of quotes and sales orders in any business, dramatically growing revenue and profit. CPQ solutions are designed to help sales teams produce accurate quotes, customise orders, and create sales-winning proposals. 

Walpole Partnership is an Oracle Gold Partner and a training provider for Oracle University, scoring over 95% in customer satisfaction. Our team has delivered some of the largest and most successful CPQ platforms in the world.




What is the Walpole Partnership?

The Walpole Partnership is an IT Consultancy formed of Configure, Price and Quote (CPQ) experts. We are an Oracle Gold Partner and a training provider for Oracle University. We focus 100% on CPQ and our consultants have delivered some of the largest and most successful CPQ systems in the world.


 Our Awards and Certifications

We are ISO 27001 Accredited, an Oracle Gold Partner and UKOUG Partner of the Year award winners. Read our security policy here.